What is an awning? An awning is a type of cover or roof that's meant to prevent intense exposure to the sun, but can also double as protection from the rain.

They're often found outdoors, cropping out of a wall or over a doorway. There are indoor ones these days, too. Most awnings these days are made out of aluminum or wood, but vinyl and cloth are also popular choices.

They help keep a home cool, reducing the strain on air conditioning. Tassels, scallops, trims, and the like are used to spice up the classic design.

All Blinds Perth WA includes a broad range of awnings in its impressive catalog of blinds, curtains, and the like. We'll also handle the crucial step of installing them in your home.

Awnings come in a wide range of styles. We have retractable models that are freestanding or can be drop arms. Window awnings or those used in decks are also available. Don't want to do it yourself?

Motorized retractable designs are also in our collection. Canopy and vertical drop designs, along with ones that can give shade over a deck or patio are also here. All Blinds Perth WA carries these and more, as the premier company for blinds Perth. Whatever your needs, we can provide them.

We guarantee that all awnings from us have sturdy frames. Whether you want a fixed-frame one that uses aluminum or a tougher choice like steel pipes, we are confident in the sturdiness of our products.

Your choices of fabric, design, and color are accommodated here at All Blinds Perth WA. Some materials can complement your home or tastes. Whether you want a subtle touch to the colors or something more bombastic, we can give you what you're after with no problems.

Do you want dyed acrylic colors used? Or do you prefer something that looks more traditional, like a painter's canvas? All these and more are available and customizable awning designs that we have.

Or maybe you're in the market for a fancier awning? The basic awning is a classic design, but if you're interested in a few more bells and whistles, those are available too. Awning designs you can get at All Blinds Perth WA can include ones that resist a certain amount of rain or challenging weather.

Models with sturdy construction to help survive high-speed winds are there too. Electronic add-ons like radios or torque-sensing motors are also available.

We also have ones with luxury features such as timing controls, heat sensors, and built-in speakers.

No matter what sort of awning you're interested in, All Blinds Perth WA is ready to provide.

Some of our most popular designs include the traditional pyramid and the gable walkway, but these might not be what you think is best for your home. Fortunately, there are several other models available.

Making the decision is easier if you know what the designs are, and what works best. You might have a home that would serve better with a motorised awning that can close when not in use, for example.

We have the best colours and materials. Our installers are professionals. Why settle for anything but the best?