Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds and shades have become popular in recent years. There are many reasons for this.

Insulation is a common reason for installing this type of blinds Perth.

The design traps air at the window, providing a measure of insulation from both summer heat and cold winter air. The use of a honeycomb design can increase a shade's resistance against heat transference significantly, adding to its energy efficiency.

Honeycomb blinds – known as cellular shades in some areas – also offer privacy.

Most fabrics available provide lots of privacy. The versatile top-down design allows the blinds to be lifted up or down at will, allowing control over the light streaming into the room. You can set it up so that the upper half is open to allow light, but blocking the view from the lower half.

Even if you choose a sheer fabric for your honeycomb blinds, you can still reduce the visibility for someone on the outside looking in.

One huge difference that no one realises initially is the absence of the cord.

Cordless honeycomb blinds are available, lowered or raised by hand. The first benefit of this is that it's a definite safety feature. Cords can be a choking hazard for children and small pets.

Going cordless also gives a cleaner visual.

Honeycomb blinds aren't for everyone. There are folks out there who don't like the way it looks, or maybe they think something a little more solid works better.

However, among the various types of blinds Perth, honeycomb or cellular designs can be a great addition to family spaces. While the design won't be suitable for a bedroom or a place with a lot of moisture, they are excellent for dens, living rooms or living rooms.

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