Our Story

About twenty years ago, our co-founders John Blakely, Stan Tannenbaum, and Erica Zane, decided to put their resources together to start a business. They were both passionate about window blinds Perth and adding a little style and dressing to windows.

John's an interior designer, who has always had a love affair and fascination for windows and dressing them up.

Erica was the numbers girl, the one with a head for accounting and presentation. "Eccentric, but not crazy," she says about herself.

As for Stan, he had the money and the experience with a business that would prove essential for making sure the company didn't sink at the first iceberg that it came across.

It wasn't easy at first. After a few hiccups, All Blinds Perth WA was born.

Ever since then, our business has worked to learn about blinds, to understand the needs of the people who want them, and to high-quality service.

We admit it wasn't easy because of many things about blinds and shades? They're not immediately obvious. Okay, some of it is, but not all of it. Like any start-up, we had to figure things out on our feet and hope we didn't trip along the way.

Today, All Blinds Perth WA has become the best team for repairs, installation, and prices of blinds Perth has ever seen. We owe it all to our one-two combination of what makes a business great.

We cultivate success through a combination of competence, a focus on customer convenience, and delivering the best quality without asking for high prices.

Call us today. We'll be waiting to assist you.