Sunscreen Roller Blinds

For some rooms, you want to have a combination of light control, good looks, and privacy.

You want the blinds Perth to allow for a right level of light and heat insulation and control. If you are using the room throughout the day, sunscreen roller blinds also need to cut out as much as 90% of all incoming UV light.

Most sunscreen roller blinds come in polyester, PVC, or fibreglass. These are all great choices, and they come in some colours.

The fabric is also a option if a client prefers. Styles and accessories are also available, with a wide range that lets you choose the overall "feel" of the screens.

Now, you might feel concerned about the PVC smell. Yes, it's true that some sunscreen roller blinds do have a distinctive smell, but this is not universal. Some materials don't have it and have other features besides.

Our materials don't have the PVC smell and get a treatment that has anti-microbial properties. The treatment also prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

Glare reduction and UV control are essential for these types of blinds Perth, but we go over and above. We meet Australian and International standards for flame-retardant materials. We also make sure that our rollers have no lead or formaldehyde content.

One of the best features of our design is privacy.

Our materials factor your privacy in our designs. We make sure that while you have no trouble looking outside, people outside won't be able to look in.

Finally, in case you decide later that the dull look isn't for you, our materials are printable. You can choose to print something on them without causing damage, allowing you to customise it.

We are confident in our sunscreen roller blinds. We have a ten-year warranty for interior installations, while exterior ones get five years.